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Xavier Pauchard

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This is the Tolix range – the first piece of furniture design from French zinc worker Xavier Pauchard.

First manufactured from galvanised sheet steel in 1934, his line of chairs and complementary furniture has been reproduced using modern methods and are a popular feature in modern homes all over the UK and Europe.

The Tolix collection has been idolised by many-a-furniture designer since its conception in the mid-30s; to this day, the Tolix is still one of the most popular varieties of stacking chair.

Cult Furniture is proud to stock such an exquisite piece of design history and we invite our customers to introduce this classic example of timeless furniture design into their homes and workplaces.

Do you own a café or restaurant? Then did you know that the original Tolix chairs were offered to parks, French bistros and cafes to attract diners? Inspire your customers to recreate those glory days and incorporate our collection of Tolix furniture into your business.

Cult Furniture offer the full collection of Tolix stools, chairs, tables and furniture in a variety of colours to suit all tastes so shop online today!